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Out of Shape, Out of Air, & Ready to Go

After a long spring with little riding I am finally out for a “vacation” to do the Colorado Trail Race as an individual time trial (ITT).  The trail extends from Durango to Denver, with much of the length above 10,000 ft.  So…being from the east coast and living at an elevation of 680 ft., I have found myself in Durango for the past week trying to acclimate slightly.

Twice in the past week I rode up a portion of the Colorado Trail (CT).  On Monday I went up to and altitude of 10,500 ft., and was about bonked.  On Wednesday I again went up Kenebec pass on the CT at an altitude of 11,700 ft.  The last 1.5 mi. up the switchbacks to the top of the pass DSCN0245took me about 1.5 hours, and near the top required stopping every couple of hundred feet to catch my breath.

Currently resting for two days at lower altitude, and plan on starting the CT on Sat., 7/25 at 08:30.  A little more preparation, food purchasing, repacking, shipping extras back to PA, bike maintenance, etc.  Hoping to make it to Silverton in two days, and Denver in 10 days.  This trip should be a dedicated slog of suffering.’s Re-vamped Site

Finally getting back to the website that was left abandoned and unloved a while ago.  The new site will have archives from past cycling tours in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Labrador, and Newfoundland once the old data base gets parsed, and reformatted into the new site.  It will also have sections for Randonneuring, and dabble in mild, old-man mountain biking (nothing too extreme, I don’t heal as fast as a 45 year old anymore).  Who knows, there may even be an occasional thoughtless rambling rant about cycling stuff.